Christmas Book Haul!

It was Christmas day just a week ago and this year I was lucky enough to be gifted 11 new books from my family. All of these are books I have been wanting for a while and I thought I would share them with you today.


Career Of Evil ~ Robert Galbraith

This one I am particularly excited about. A month ago I read The Silkworm and absolutely loved it and I’ve been wanting to continue reading more about Cormoran Strike ever since. This follows detective strike and his assistant Robin and each book centres round a new mystery. They are classic ‘who did it?’ novels and they are impossible to put down until you’ve finished it. 

Invasion Of The Tearling ~ Erika Johanson

I read the first one of this series (the invasion of the tearling) earlier this year and absolutely loved it. I think it’s a sign of a good book if you can remember every single detail of it even months after you’ve read it. I can’t wait to read more about this world and more about the main character.

Grimms Fairytales B&N Leather-bound

I’ve had my eye on the Barnes and Noble classic leather-bound editions for quite a while now. I just think they are so pretty and I’ve never owned or read the Grimms fairytales which include classic stories like Cinderella and Rapunzel etc. This will be one of those books that I’ll over a long period of time, maybe reading a different story every other evening until they’re all finished. 

Heart Of Betrayal ~ Mary E. Pearson

This is another equal to a book I absolutely loved. Last Christmas I was actually given the first in this series and started reading it that day but this year I decided to wait a little closer to the release date of the last one so I don’t forget anything (as I’ve already forgotten almost everything that happens in the first one!)

New Harry Potter box set

All of my copies of harry potter are very old now, they’ve gone yellow and have weird stains on them and a couple are almost falling apart. When I saw the new covers I fell in love and was lucky enough to get them this year. They look so pretty on the shelf and I love how sparkly they are!

So those are all the books I got this Christmas! Let me know what you got and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and  a happy new year! See you in 2016!!!

Merry Christmas

Jess xx

A Month of Reading ~ December

I can not believe I am writing my final reading wrap up of 2015. I genuinely can’t believe that in just two days it’s going to be 2016, where has the year gone? Soon enough I’m going to be posting my 2015 favourites and 2016 bookish goals, but before I do that I want to let you know how my last month of December was reading wise.

Twilight Saga ~

At the end of November I had the sudden urge to reread the twilight books, which I haven’t done since I was 13. This month I finished of rereading the rest of the series. I really enjoyed reading them as they brought back so many memories.

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey ~

This book was so beautiful. I read it for the cramathon readathon and I flew through it in just two days. This book is about an elderly couple who have always wanted a child but unfortunately their baby was stillborn. They decide to move away from the prying eyes of a city and settle on a farm in the Alaskin woods, living off what they grow. One winter they make a snow child out of snow, which appears to have come to life when they notice a child watching them. This book was raw and emotional and I really loved the characters, I gave it five stars.

My True Love Gave To Me ~

This is a collection of short, unrelated stories all of which take place around Christmas time. I really enjoyed this, it made me feel so festive and if you haven’t read it, I would recommend reading it the week leading up to Christmas next year, because it’s the perfect book to get you excited for Christmas.

A boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig ~

This is a new Christmas novel that just came out this year from an author I remember reading in primary school. A Boy Called Christmas follows the tale of how a young selfless boy became Santa Claus. This book  was so magical and festive and while it’s definitely aimed for a younger audience I really enjoyed the story, especially as a light Christmas eve read.

And Then There Were None ~ Agatha Christie

I completely failed at the Booktubeathon this year and unfortunately this was the only book I managed to read… and I wasn’t even able to finish it in the readathon. However I did really enjoy this book, it is the first Agatha Christie novel I’ve read and I got exactly what I was expecting, a classic ‘who did it?’ novel and it was nothing short of amazing. Next on the to do list, watch the new BBC adaptation!

So, those are all of the books I read during December. Let me know what books you read yourselves and if you’ve read any of these!

Thanks for Reading

Jess xxx

Holiday Booktubeathon TBR!

Hello everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful day on Friday. 

Tomorrow is the start of the Holiday Booktubeathon which is a shorter and more relaxed version of the mega booktube readathon that happens every July/August. I love the booktubeathon so even though I am technically not a part of booktube any more I still want to take part. 

This readathon comes with challenges that you can either take part in or not. I always love these challenges as they give me ideas on what I should read. 


1. Read a book with white on the cover – For this I chose The Rosie Effect because it is very white and seems like a funny book, perfect for this time of year. 

2. Read a follow up book – This one is a completely new idea for booktubeathon but I love it. You know when you read a certain type of book (for example a classic) and you really love it and say ‘I’m going to read more of this genre’ but then don’t. Well now here is your chance. For this I’m going to read ‘And then there were none’ as it’s a classic mystery novel  so I’m basically killing two birds with one stone. 

3. Read a gift – I’m pretty sure they do this challenge every year and I’m glad they do. This year I’m going to read as much of the Grimms tales as I can. I got this beautiful edition for Christmas and while I know I won’t finish it I will try and read some of it. 

So that is my tbr for the booktubeathon this year! They have a discount code for book depository for selected books, I will leave the link here to the list so you can go grab some bargains! Also, here is a link to the booktubeathon announcement video on youtube in case you want to know more.

Let me know if you’re taking part!

Thanks for reading,

Jess xxx


Cramathon Wrap Up!

Hello guys! So I am finally getting a chance to tell you how I did in the cramathon readathon. If I’m honest with you  didn’t do to great. The first two days were good, but then on the last couple of days I actually kind of forgot that I was taking part. I got so unexpectedly busy so I ended up only reading two books (which I don’t think is too bad, right?)

The first book I read was The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. I finished this on the second day seeing as it’s around 350 pages. I really enjoyed this book and gave it a five out of five stars on goodreads. This was such a perfect winter read and would definitely recommend you read this.

Then the last book I completed during the readathon was the Philosophers Stone illustrated edition by J.K Rowling and Jim Kay. The illustrations in this were absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed the new perspective on some of the wizarding world.

So that’s what I read during the cramathon.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx

Cramathon TBR

Hello everybody! I’m really sorry I’ve stopped doing blogmas, I’ve had a bad few days and just did not feel up to doing anything so I decided it wasn’t worth doing it if I felt like I was forcing myself. 

Anyway, starting on the 19th of December (this Saturday) and ending on the 22nd is the cramathon readathon which is hosted by WhittyNovels and a few other booktubers. I took part in this last year and really enjoyed it, it’s a great way to cram some books into my read pile before the end of the year while having fun.

This readathon last for four days and comes with some challenges that you can base your tbr around. I have used some of the challenges but I won’t be using all of them.


1. Read a audiobook or ebook –

I might not do this one but I do have a couple of cheesy christmas romance novels on my kindle that I got last year for free. I might try one of them but whether I finish it is doubtful.

2. Read a bindup –

I’m using My True Love Gave to Me for this challenge. I don’t know whether it really counts because it’s meant to be one book but it is multiple short stories by different authors so hopefully it counts.

3. Finish a series –

I’m not doing this one. Normally if I don’t read the last book in  series straight after the other books it’s because I don’t care. So instead, if I finish all of the other challenges, I’ll read the Goblet of Fire.

4. Read a book under 200 pages –

For this I’m reading the borrowers. It’s going to be on tv on Monday night so I reckon it’s the perfect time to read it. Plus it’ll be really quick as it’s only 150 short pages.

5. Finish a book you DNF –

Last year in January I started this book but decided not to finish it (although I’m not sure why because I’m pretty sure I was enjoying it.) So I’m finally going to have a chance to finish it.

6. Read a graphic novel series  –

I don’t have any graphic novels on my tbr, nor do I want any. I’m really not a fan of them and I’ve never had any interest it them. So instead I thought I would read the illustrated edition of Harry Potter. I’m really looking forward to reading this, I can tell it will be the perfect christmas read.

7. Read 5 books in total

So those are my plans for the cramathon. Let me know if you’re taking part as well!

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx

Blogmas ~ Festive Reads!

You know what the best thing about Christmas time is? Christmas books. All of these have something super christmassy about them and are perfect reads for this holiday season, so if you don’t know what to read next, check these out.



My True Love Gave To Me

Twelve holiday stories by twelve authors you’ve most probably heard of. Rainbow Rowell, Holly Black and David Levithan just to name a few. 

A Boy Called Christmas

Want to read about the ‘true’ story of father Christmas? This book’s for you. This one is more of a Childrens but I think Christmas is a great time to read some Middle Grade stuff.

Harry Potter

All of the Harry Potter books have great Christmas scenes but I think these two are the best for me to recommend. Of course in Goblet of Fire you have the yule ball, and reading about Harry’s first proper Christmas is enough to put anyone in a festive mood. 

The Gift

Chick lit holiday romance? What more could you possibly want with a hot chocolate and box of quality street.

Girl Online

When I read this I didn’t realise it was christmassy at all. But it is! A large part of this is set in new york around Christmas time and when I read it in November it made me feel very christmassy early.

Perks of Being A Wallflower

Like Harry Potter these is isn’t entirely christmassy. But ever heard of secret Santa? They do that in this book, so really how much more christmassy can you get? I reckon this would be a good early December read!

A Christmas Carol

The title says it all. This is an amazing Christmas classic that is absolutely worth a shot. 

Let It Snow

Three festive tales by three young adult authors. While this isn’t my favourite it’s definitely worth a read.

Dash and Lily’s book of Dares

A bookworms festive dream. Set in the strand book store following two strangers interactive through dares in a book. It is so cute and so festive.

So those are my recommendations for this Christmas. Let me know what you’re favourite Christmas book is.

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx

Blogmas ~Books I want to ReRead

One of my favourite things to do is rereading my favourite books, sometimes I enjoy it more than reading new books because I already know I love the story and the characters.

Sometimes I like rereading books because I want to watch the movie/tv series but I can’t remember everything that happened in the book, and I’m one of those people who like comparing the book and the movie. That’s why I’m rereading ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower,’ ‘City of Bones,’ ‘Ballet Shoes,’ and ‘Peter Pan.’

Mostly, I reread books that are part of a series, especially first books in a series because I can’t remember quite what happened in it and I need to refresh my memory. That’s why I want to reread ‘To Kill A Mockingbird,’ ‘Kiss of Deception,’ ‘Poison Study,’ ‘Falling Kingdoms,’ ‘The Fifth Wave,’ ‘Mara Dyer,’ Falling Kingdoms’ and ‘Percy Jackson’ (so I can read the Heroes of Olympus series.)

‘The Book Thief,’ ‘Wonder,’ ‘Since You’ve Been Gone,’ ‘Amy and Roger,’ ‘I’ll Give You The Sun,’ ‘Aristotle and Dante,’and ‘Shatter Me’ are all books that I enjoyed so much that I really want to read them again. Basically all of these books are special and amazing and I really loved reading them. 

So those are all of the books that I want to reread. I don’t know when I’ll get round to them but I hope I do eventually. 

Thanks for reading

Jess xxx

(P.S if you’re wondering why Harry Potter isn’t here it’s because I always want to reread it ;P.)