Sunday Spotlight – Following New Book Bloggers!

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Hi Readers

I realised earlier this week that my Reader feed is kind of dead. So I decided I need to find some new blogs to follow to fill up my feed and give me all the bookish posts I need.

I’m so glad I did this because I’ve found some great new bloggers and now my feed is always full with new content. I thought I’d share with you some bloggers I’ve recently followed in case you also need some new book blogs in your life.

Shannon – Shelfish for Books – Check out her Fiercly Feminist Reads post. I love it!

Beth – Escape from Reality – She’s been posting all the spooky posts this past week and I’ve loved reading them. Check out her Halloween Book Tag!She also has a beautiful bookstagram!

Louise – Louise Loves Books – I loved her post What I Currently Have Out From the Library! It’s such an interesting mix of books. 

Eli – The Book Supplier – I really enjoy their Sticky Note Reviews! Check out the What If It’s Us sticky note review!

Jolien – The Fictional Reader – I found her post How Fanfiction Has Saved and Carried My Love For Harry Potter very relatable.

Emily – A Literary Life – I actually found this blog through twitter. I loved their post Book Awards, What’s the Point?

Eleanor – Real Tasty Pages – This blog posts about Film & TV as well as books, I loved their post Top 5 Criminally Good TV Shows.

Abbie – Cafe Book Bean – I love their most recent post Bootastc Blogger Books, a post featuring other bloggers recommending their favourite scary reads. It makes for a wide range of great recommendations. 

Meggan – Between the Pages – This month she’s been doing blogtober where she’s posted every day for October. It’s coming to end now but it’s not too late to catch up! Check out her Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag!

Amanda & Antonia – Classy X Book Reviews – This is a blog run by two people and I found them thanks to their ABC Challenge ‘Q’ post. 

Thanks for reading!

Jess X


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