New Christmas Music of 2019

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Welcome to Blogmas day 6!

This Christmas we have been truly gifted with some great new Christmas songs. With the surprise of Taylor releasing one just last night I thought I should take this opportunity to rank them from my favourite to least favourite.

These are just the few I have listened to and I’m only going to focus on original Christmas songs, otherwise we would be here forever.

7 – Alessia Cara – Make it to Christmas – I probably wouldn’t play this on Christmas day. It’s a little depressing but definitely a good song.

6 – Lea Michelle – Christmas in New York – This almost sounds like a Disney song. Very cute!

5 – Little Mix – One I’ve Been Missing – Little Mix’s music is normally hit or miss for me. This is definitely a hit. 

4 – Katy Perry – Cosy Little Christmas – This song gives me California Girls era vibes and I love it.

3 – Jonas Brothers – Like It’s Christmas – I love that the Jo Bros are back, especially because they gave us this song.

2 – Idina Menzel – A Season of Love – I love every single song on this album but I especially love At This Table. It actually made me cry a little when I first heard it.

1 – Taylor Swift – Christmas Tree Farm – This is just the cutest thing I have ever seen or heard in my life. Taylor never disappoints. 

What new Christmas songs have made it onto your playlist?

Thanks for reading, 

Jess X

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