2019 Reading Plans – Themed Monthly TBRs


Hi Readers

I suck at year long reading goals. I never seem to make time for them and half-way through the year I tend to have completely forgotten what it was I set out to do.

So, because I have basically always failed at year long goals I’m going to try and change it up a little. Hense, themed months. I plan on focusing one month on reading a certain genre or prompt.

I’m not going to be overly strict on this. If there’s something I’m dying to read that doesn’t fit the theme, I’ll read it.

I’ll also try and not put too any books on the TBR. 6 max.

Here are the themes I’ve planned so far.

January – Books I Own

Hopefully I can get through some books that have been sitting on my shelf for a while now.

February – Others Favourites of 2018
March – Biggest Books On My TBR

I won’t lie, big books scare me. Time to knock a few off of my TBR. 

April – Authors of Colour

In 2018 19% of what I read was written by a black author. There’s just no excuse for this lack of diversity. I want to include at least one book by a person of colour every month, but I’d also love to focus an entire month on them as well.

May – Prize Winners

I’m always curious about prize winners and I have a stack that I really want to get to.

June – Countries I Have Never Read About

In 2018 I made a goal to globalise my reading a bit more. Unfortunately that didn’t work out so hopefully I can do that within the month of June.


In honour of the London Pride Parade.

August – Feminist Literature

I have so many on my goodreads Want To Read list. 

September – Lowest Rated Books On My Goodreads TBR

When choosing books I want to read I tend to rely on the GoodReads Avg. rating to tell me whether the book is good or not way too much.

October – Thrillers

I feel like it’s the perfect time to get stuck into some thrilling novels. 

November – Classics I Have Never Heard Of

All the classics I’ve read I’d already heard a lot about. I want to read some under the raider classics. 

December – Books About Books

There are so many good ones and I think a book about books is automatically cosy, which is perfect for the festive season. 

Let me know your 2019 plans for reading. 

Thanks for reading, 

Jess X